About Milstrand

Milstrand oil terminal was established on 1995
Company’s mission is to provide efficient, high quality and safe services of loading and storage of light oil products
The terminal locates on the Viimsi Peninsula and owns additionally to the tank farm situated on the 17.62 ha area
also the 11,2 km railway segment between Viimsi and Maardu

Capacity: 125 000 m3
Tanks: 11
Access: Barge, Rail, Truck, Vessel
Berths for vessels: 2
Railway loading/discharging gantry: 34 rail wagons
Truck loading estacades: 5
Products: Diesel Fuel, Heating Oil, Jet A-1, Gasoline
Services: Authorized Consignee, Excise, Bonded or Commercial Warehouse

Tank farm

Total capacity 125 000 m3

Capacity of tanks:
3 x 17 000 m3 (underground tanks)
3 x 14 000 m3
3 x 10 000 m3
2 x 1000 m3

Rail loading gantry

Double-sided loading platform, which allows to load 34 railcars simultaneously

Loading speed: 120 railtankcars per 24h
Unloading speed: 180 railtankcars per 24h

Truck loading

Five truck loading estacades
4 estacades suitable for loading diesel and heating oil
1 estacade suitable for loading Jet A-1

2 estacades suitable for loading gasoline

The max efficiency of each is 120 m3/h


Berth No 10

Vessels length: 196 m
Vessel width: 32 m
Maximum vessel’s draft permitted alongside berth: 12.5 m
2 loading arms:
10-inch – 1400 m3/h
12-inch – 1500 m3/h

Berth No 9

Maximum vessel’s draft permitted alongside berth: 5,0 m.
Loading hose:
8-inch – 300 m3/h

Safety and Environment

AS Milstrand cares for the environment and has applied all safety precautions to avoid damage to the environment